Roof Coating in Savannah, GA

Looking to extend the life of your roof? We have the cost effective and sustainable solution!

Roof Coating: Coating materials such as silicone are excellent life-extending choices for low pitch and flat roofs, but they are not a stand-alone system. They are intended to be applied by spray coating an existing roof system with the intention of extending the life of a roof.

Facts about Roof Coating in commercial applications:

  • Roof coating is cost effective, sustainable and seamlessly seals your existing roof for additional waterproofing
  • One of the most desirable features of roof coating is the cost advantage that comes with the least disruptive installation process of all roofing options.
  • Spray coating as a roofing system is relatively new to the roofing industry—The data on longevity is still being gathered. Many spray products are expected to last between 20 and 50 years with regular reapplication depending on the product and expertise of the roofing contractor.
  • Looking to the future for your roofing expectations, silicone roof coating applications as a durable long-term investment aren’t known. The integrity of materials and applications used to recoat a roof are proven to be effective; however, the number of effective reapplications isn’t well known in the industry yet.

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