PVC Roofing in Savannah, GA

A flexible and lightweight solution. Providing extended life span and strength for your roof.

DBM Roofing offers customers in and around Georgia PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) roofing is flexible and lightweight, providing durable protection to your structure. PVC has been used for roofing for over 50 years and can oftentimes be applied over a failed existing roof system, saving time and money in tear-offs. The greatest features of PVC are its long life span and its strength. It can hold weight up to 350lbs per square inch making it an excellent contender to support solar panels or HVAC installations.

Benefits of PVC Roofing in commercial applications:

  • Properly installed PVC roofing membrane from Georgia’s PVC roofing experts at DBM can be expected to last 20 or more years.
    As a recyclable material with high energy efficient ratings, long life, and UV reflection PVC is one of the more eco-friendly roofing solutions available.
  • Depending on the use of your commercial building, you can expect PVC to resist premature wear from chemical exposures or other harsh conditions utilized in some manufacturing and warehouse facilities.
  • Along with chemical resistance, PVC stands up very well against the natural elements. Fire, wind, and water will all challenge roof integrity.
  • PVC is difficult to ignite and slow to burn. Wind and water resistance offers consistent dependability against high wind speeds (up to Cat 3 hurricane conditions) as well as the effects of water ponding on flat roof surfaces during heavy rain events.

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