Metal Roofs in Savannah, GA

An option with excellent durability, protection against elements and offers low maintenance.

Quality metal roofing can truly last the lifetime of your home. Options for standing seam or sheet metal roofing are slightly costlier to install than asphalt shingles yet require minimal maintenance over the life of the roof. Roof coating of metal sheet roofing will provide decades of protection against the variety of elements your roof will be exposed to with South Carolina and Georgia weather, plus a wide variety of colors can make your home or out building roof stand out.

Benefits of metal roofing for your home:

  • Metal roofs provide great economic value over the life of your home. Well maintained metal roofing can last for 50+ years.
  • Durable and low-maintenance.
  • Excellent protection against elements.
  • Many color options to enhance your home’s design and style.
  • Multiple material options including galvanized or galvalume steel (coated for color or protection), copper, aluminum, and zinc.
  • Metal roofing is high on the scale of eco-friendly materials. Many new metal roofs contain up to 40% recycled materials while all metal roof materials are 100% recyclable, even after spending several generations providing reliable roof protection
DBM Roofing will assist you in choosing quality materials that reflect your style as a homeowner and protect your new investment for many years to come. Choosing new materials for a roof in South Carolina and Georgia means budgeting for aesthetics and durability against intense heat, rain, hail, snow, as well as tropical events that will put your roof to the test of protecting your home from damage and moisture.

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