Flat or Low Slope Roofs in Savannah, GA

An easily maintained solution for smaller uses in residential spaces.

The flat and low slope roof construction we offer Georgia and South Carolina residents is are not typically common for modern homes but they can be well suited for smaller uses such as for residential porch roofs, carports and garages, or rooftop living areas. As your local roofing experts in Georgia, we construct flat roofs or low sloping roofs that are easy to maintain.

Common materials used in flat or low slope roofs include:

  • EPDM Rubber Roofing: synthetic rubber option offering durability and resistance to intense weather with typically lower labor costs
  • Modified Bitumen: rolled-out mineral based surface roofing installed with all-grade weather sealants which can be applied with heat or peel and stick adhesives
  • TPO: Thermoplastic polyolefin roofing offers some of the best performance in energy efficiency. High performance single roofing membranes composed of TPO are popular due to technical advantages and are becoming most popular in commercial construction as well
  • PVC Roofing: flexible and lightweight roofing PVC provides durable protection to your structure which can oftentimes be applied over a failed existing roof system, potentially saving time and money in tear-offs

A strong and low-maintenance roofing solution that extends the life of your roof can be achieved at very affordable prices. DBM Roofing is one of the most skilled in flat and low slope construction contractors in Georgia because we use precise configurations and quality components for successful installations.

DBM Roofing will assist you in choosing quality materials that reflect your style as a homeowner and protect your new investment for many years to come. Choosing new materials for a flat roof construction project in Georgia or South Carolina means budgeting for aesthetics and durability against intense heat, rain, hail, snow, as well as tropical events that will put your roof to the test of protecting your home from damage and moisture.

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